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ShootDaCheese's News

Posted by ShootDaCheese - 1 month ago

And so we successfully reach another Madness Day here upon its cradle, and so far it's a great turnout in music, art, and animation! Which is good of course for the survival of the community as a whole. While this won't be giving me any awards, it is still something to put out, something I've started working on and (on and off up until Madness Day) have been working on for a while now is revamping my 2018 sprites of my NEWTAB fan-faction. Sadly no it is not the NEXUS Core (at least not that faction itself) but that will come in time. NEWTAB is a faction I had accidentally created a bit after I started spriting as an amalgamation of different sprites I had drawn up and stuff from Krinkels and had been building upon it ever since, entwining two of my OCs in NEWTAB itself. Naturally, today I have chosen as the optimal day to put them out officially.

(Btw NEWTAB stands for "Nexus Experimental Weapons Testing And Biological", so technically NEXUS Core.)

Within this ZIP is 3 files I had put a load of time and effort into explaining the faction both visually and functionally:

  • The NEWTAB Faction Sprite Sheet, self-explanatory, containing the (near) whole of NEWTAB within in sprite form! Whoopie!
  • The NEWTAB Identifier, as explained being able to tell you about NEWTAB and the horrors within.
  • NEWTAB Testing Environment 1, one of several different room templates that NEWTAB uses for their nefarious experiments.

NEWTAB awaits...

EDIT: Ive come to realise that not everyone has WINrar, my bad:

Main NEWTAB File

NEWTAB Testing Environment

NEWTAB Identifier Doccument


Please, enjoy my work and use them.

(P.S. I'll be putting in a sort of thumbnail in this post later from an artist named Dreadman if and or when the piece is finished.)

Here are a few images showing off a few of the unit's visual upgrades over the years:










Posted by ShootDaCheese - June 30th, 2021


First of all, AAHW NEW Sprites!

Use them, this isn't a joke.



Due to reasons out of my control (growing up), I am gonna try out doing commissions. (Oh boy!) Specifically, I'll be doing Madness Combat sprite commissions like OCs, characters, backgrounds, and the like. Examples of some of my most recent work:

(All work is done in Flash 8, as it allows people with both it and better versions of flash to access the files.)

Counter Strike:Source/1.6 Counter Terrorists & Terrorists


MADNESS: Project Nexus 2 Warehouse Room 1


PizzaD Dough Boy (Faction Member)


Carl Hyde, The Preacher OC


NEWTAB Fronts (My fan-faction)


(All work is done in Flash 8, as it allows people with both it and better versions of flash to access the files.)

Prices would be for the following:

1 Background

$15 USD

1 Character (All heads and bodies + normal hands and feet (8 heads and 6 bodies)

$15 USD

+Custom Hands (67 in total)

+$5 USD

+Custom Feet (5 in total excluding mirrored (10))

+$2 USD

+1 Added character

+$10 USD

(Can do hands and feet standalone, but same cost.)

(All commissions will be paid to PayPal, preferably up front.)

(Each Commission will be done within the month until further notice.)

(If it proves that it needs to be done, I will set up commission slots to not get overwhelmed.)

You can contact me via Newgrounds messaging and my Email ( creepercosmos123@gmail.com ), but id prefer my Discord ( ShootDaCheese#7254 ).

Have you seen my coffee cup? Do you know who ate all the doughnuts?



Posted by ShootDaCheese - March 20th, 2021




Posted by ShootDaCheese - January 14th, 2021

Gee wiz! Jiminy jillikers! Today is my birthday! I've been on this Earth for 19 years!

Normally, being the birthday boy id be getting gifts, which I had gotten a few, BUUUUUT I wanted to do the opposite and give a few gifts to the community!

I am releasing 4 different files:

Counter Strike Source Sprites


Version 1.0 of my ultimate Custom Gun Sprites File

A ZIP containing every gun image I've accumulated thus far

And Finally the sprites of one of my OCs!


Please enjoy! I probably wont use them much anyway :v



Posted by ShootDaCheese - December 25th, 2020

Happy Christmas everyone!

Happy Christmas to all you hooligans and neighborhood hoodlums, I bring good tidings of 2 sprite sheets this festive holiday! One is a sheet containing the Janitor from Viscera Cleanup Detail, a game where you clean up gore and viscera in the aftermath of many incidents across the corporate owned galaxy. The other is the Pirates, Privateers, player character and secondary (actually the main) antagonist of Far Cry 3, a game where you and your friends are trapped on an island in the middle of nowhere with bands of pirates and mercs roaming around hunting you down. I hope you lads and lassies put these to good use:

Viscera Cleanup Detail Sprites

Far Cry 3 Sprites

EDIT: FUCK I FORGOT, thanks a lot DUALITY for the inspiration to work on these Far Cry 3 sprites, man :)

watch his vid Insanity.fla: Insanity.FLA

Other News

Nothing really else other than my birthday coming up, on the 14th next month. I'm gonna be 19 years old and closer yet again to eventually being kicked out of my Dad's house, yippie.

Anyway again Happy Christmas and enjoy the presents I have given you all :)



Posted by ShootDaCheese - November 1st, 2020

So I thought Halloween/Post-Halloween would be a good time to post an announcement on this project I'm working on. I've been posting guns I've made since I got Flash. I've been thinking for a while about making a file filled to the bytes with firearms of different types as a perhaps final gun sprite file and that's what I've mostly been working on for a while now. So far I have 772 sprites and an unknown amount of guns on the file and I'm still growing it; in my "Guns to make in animator" folder I have 341 which could definitely grow from now. For those who favor the dissenter style, sorry but the focus style for these guns is something like the classic Madness Combat style, as was with Custom Gun Sprites 5 I released on Madness Day 2020.


I might make this more detailed to describe some special properties about some of these guns since some of them aren't normal, a pistol for example is a open-bolt pistol! In any case I hope you're all excited for this, as this is something I've mentioned about that I wanted to do for a long time. A weapon pack to surpass Elias :v

With love, Cheese



Posted by ShootDaCheese - September 22nd, 2020

Another year, another day of madness. That has most likely been said before but oh well. ANOTHER YEAR! ANOTHER ONE THE COMMUNITY HAS SURVIVED! And a helluva year to survive as well with the world shoving a thumb up its metaphorical arse. We did it, boys and girls, were still here and were still celebrating Madness. This year sadly I don't have a big art project or long animation TO celebrate madness with (not like any of mine would be good >->) BUT FEAR NOT! I have spent hours working on this other project, one I hoped to be the end to this series of files but evidentially will not. Custom Gun Sprites 5, featuring 125 weapons and 332 sprites! I doubt these will be in use for years to come but who knows, maybe going back to something i think is like the old Madness style might help :shrug:. Anyway here's the file:

ShootDaCheese's Custom Gun Sprites 5

(I just now learned to make the URL text rather than just the URL, nice.)

Also would you believe it, I'm slightly older than Madness, that means that I've practically grown up alongside madness :vvvvv

In other news I'm looking into going into military service, specifically into the naval branch of the US Military like my dad. I haven't gone to a recruiter yet but that's one of the up and coming plans. In the meantime ill still be here watching toons, playing games with friends, making sprites in flash (8), coming up with ideas and not working on them because of laziness, etc. Have a good Madness Day 2020.

(I mean, hopefully its a good day...)

(Also also, my part for the NG border is the one above the bottom left :v)




Posted by ShootDaCheese - May 9th, 2020

Some of you already knew due to me posting progress images in discord, but for those of you who don't know; I've been working on a file filled with 200 melee weapons, ranging from blunt weapons, bladed weapons, chopping/bashing weapons and even some animated ones. I've started about 2 weeks ago and have been adding at least 1 every day and at most 20. I now give them all you you guys, and I hope you enjoy the time and work I put into these as always. Note, I hope these can suffice for BOTH the Brush style and Line style.

EDIT: Because some people havent credited me here and there, Id like to reiterate a post from July of 2019.

  1. You can use my sprites, I ask nothing in return other than you credit me for them. Its the least you could do.
  2. If modifications are made to the sprites i put out, same as above, throw my name somewhere and we should be good.

Please, us sprite makers put a lot of time into our work, or at least I do :v

FLA: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/89b5432b80f8ce0bb9a571d6bc2d42eb




Posted by ShootDaCheese - April 7th, 2020

I have acquired 300 Newgrounds followers, neat. Thank all who have followed me :)

I've been working on a test that is spiraling into a solo. Here's some pics from it along with some other things.







Posted by ShootDaCheese - March 18th, 2020

I've been working on drawing my own Dissenter/Rebuilt.FLA guns, and here they are, the ones ive made open to the public. Works for anything that can open Flash 8 files.

FLA: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/4f34eba22e99a83ba406d95af4492e7b