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With the arrival of a wonderful piece of art from the previously mentioned Compromisedart, I've decidedly decided to reveal the name and a bit of the plot of the animation!

Madness NEWTAB: Requisition


NEWTAB, after intercepting reports of strange things below from a lone, small AAHW outpost, decided to ride out and kindly ask them if they can take a look themselves. Of course, who really knows what could be within the building's depths.

Compromisedart NEWTAB piece

In terms of animation progress Im already 11 scenes in with the core animation complete, with effects, casings, background detailing and the like to be done afterwards. The animation itself was started mid last year and had stagnated due to motivation (which chances are could happen again). Really, I'm glad I did lose motivation for a bit because I've since then cooked up a heap of ideas to throw onto it; oh the places we'll go! Some of those ideas I might've leaked before....

Either way I've been recieving a bit of coaching and help by a few friends since this is my (sorta) first solo animation, or at least the one thats gotten the furthest so far. I do believe some of the animation will be a bit rough in the process, but we'll see how it turns out in the end. Speaking of the end the potentially projected end date is Madness Day 2023. In the mean time I've thrown a few more frames onto the scene I showed off in my previous news post to give you y'all a taste of whats to come:

Aside from that I dont think I'll have anything else to post for a while unless I finish another PN2 spritesheet or something or other. I havent really done much of anything else other than churn out a few more firearms for the ever growing pile.

With that said I'll be posting the link to the NEWTAB piece on Compromised's side when he uploads it (shortly after this news post goes out).


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