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Oh Hey! Up-Datas!

2017-11-20 15:49:49 by ShootDaCheese

Proooooobably should've mentioned this 4 weeks ago but I lost my computer 4 weeks ago (give or take), and i got it back yesterday! Yay! Not to mention that I got some plans for some big things...:

The HALF - LIFE Sprite Project:

I will be making sprites of many Half Life and Half Life 2 characters in the Madness style (Including angles :,|). I will also throw in weapons and possibly some objects.


I've been feeling like making an animation describing about a little character of mine's start in the Nevadean wasteland.




I feel like ive made enough guns recently to release another gun pack. Ive also started making low-res versions of the gun sprites I make. What I mean by low-res is that along with really detailed sprites of guns, I will make a copy of them that doesent have as many details as normal- normal meaning all my other guns. I will work on making low-res versions of existing guns meanwhile. Later today I will release the 3rd Custom Gun Sprites with a few low-res'.



Here are the links to the third Custom Guns Sprite pack:



Teh Deh.


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2017-11-20 19:08:13

Dayum, those are some sexy weapon sprites,
tho I only see the usual guns shown in movies and games, I dont see any unusual/not-well-known weapons there,
but still, im excited for them nonetheless.

ShootDaCheese responds:

To be honest I am planning to make other not-well-known guns, like the Farabam STF-12 or the H&K SL8, I want to have something odd but cool and new.