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2017-06-07 15:00:16 by ShootDaCheese

"I cant deapthroat a square!" 

-A Friend


KRISS Vector!

2017-02-14 17:21:25 by ShootDaCheese

So i made a KRISS Vector .45ACP SMG, or remodeled it, whichever way you wanna go...




Enjoy :)

Also I'm working on more guns, currently have 6 (+ the Vector) and dunno when ill release that.

Custom Sprite!

2017-01-04 19:17:26 by ShootDaCheese

So I made a STAR WARS phase 2 Clone Trooper in Madness Combat form... sweet.



I plan on adding colors according to battalions, squadrons, etc.

PROJECT inbound

2016-12-05 06:15:01 by ShootDaCheese

For a project in the works, dunno how long ittl take, but definitely one comming

Working on something!

2016-11-06 14:08:42 by ShootDaCheese

Well I've been animating more recently and I think I'm gonna try to make a 1-2 or 3 minute long video? I don't know. Hope for the... Worst or best I don't know. If not I'll just post a test I guess.


Oh hey look!

2016-10-17 20:34:12 by ShootDaCheese

I got a fan, great! Now I can make my room colder!